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The Tech Industry: Riding Roller Coasters

The Tech Industry: Riding Roller Coasters

Two years ago I decided to quit my job to attend a coding bootcamp in hopes of becoming the next Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven’t reached Girl with the Dragon Tattoo status yet but you know what.…I’m ok with that. Instead I’ve become the Girl with the WordPress Wappuu and it has been quite the ride. Four rides be exact.

My First Ever Lightning Talk

My First Ever Lightning Talk

A challenge of giving a lighting talk is being able to give a presentation that is digestible and informative for your audience in under ten minutes or less.  Over the last two years I’ve attended a lot of developer meetups / user groups.  I’ve listened to interesting talks, informative talks and highly technical talks. Let me just say this it is very difficult to speak about a topic you are passionate about in 10 minutes or less.

Junior Developer:  Job Hunt

Junior Developer: Job Hunt

I graduated from a coding bootcamp the week before Christmas ( 2015 ). I was filled with both dread and excitement.  Dread because I knew looking for a new job would be difficult and excitement for what the future would hold.  I applied to over...

Month 1:  Thoughts

Month 1: Thoughts

    The honeymoon period for coding is officially over!  No longer am I learning about variables and strings ( I miss those days ) but now I have to start using my brain and putting concepts together and it is really really HARD!  I try to keep telling myself that...

Coding Campus : Week 4

Day 15 Friday was a very stressful day for me. I know it seems like every day is a stressful and hard day which is probably true but Friday was especially hard. I would consider it my first meltdown of the program. What made it so difficult? I’m at the point in the...

Coding Campus: Days 11-14

~Thoughts~ This week we have been working on another project called the “Cereal Project.” Its basically the same thing as the Django States project where you utilize a csv file and upload it to your database and then pull information from it based on what you want to...

Coding Campus : END OF WEEK

Coding Campus :  END OF WEEK -Day 9- Thursday was more of the same.  We spent time working on our project as well as diving deep into templating.  Django has what is called a templating language.  This language is to be used in conjunction with the HTML pages you...

Coding Campus : Days 7 – 8

 Coding Campus :   DAY 7 &  8     ~ My Class Members: ~       I’m really excited about how our class is coming together.  We are gellin like felons.  Its great.  I get to ride the train everyday and discuss our class with a cool dude from Virginia...