The honeymoon period for coding is officially over!  No longer am I learning about variables and

strings ( I miss those days ) but now I have to start using my brain and putting concepts together and it is

really really HARD!  I try to keep telling myself that Django isn’t that hard.  To simplify it in my own

mind I try to think of it as simply putting a website together that utilizes databases and api’s.  How hard

can that be?  Well I wish it were that simple and I think once I get more experienced that it will be, but

for now I have to trudge through the dark and muddy forest of web frameworks. Since I’ve been  getting

frustrated with my ability to learn web development I’ve been thinking about why I am even attempting

to learn web development in the first place?  Why am I torturing myself to learn these new skills when I

was a pro at my last job. I was really really good at what I did.  Why would I give that up?  I’ve been

asking myself this a lot, this last week.  Here is what I came up with:

1) I see a need to empower individuals who are interested in all things tech but for one

reason or another have never given it a shot.  For as much as I complain and as little experience

as I have I REALLY DO THINK CODING IS FUN.  I think everyone should be given the opportunity

to see that it is FUN.  Situations that have prevented me from seeing the joy in learning these skills have

been uber experienced tech professionals that have a difficult time relating to beginners. To beginners (

and me ) it is super intimidating. I’ve had to realize that tech professionals are just that, they are tech

professionals.  They aren’t paid for being great communicators or teachers they are paid to solve coding

problems extremely well.  So what my goal is with learning development is being able to BRIDGE THIS

GAP WITH BEGINNERS.  I know what its like.  I’ve been there. I know how scary it is to use your

terminal the first couple of times, changing in and out of directories. I know how much anxiety is

involved with learning Github. I know how overwhelming it is to look at job postings and think you won’t

ever be able to learn all the necessary skills to be a developer, I get it.  I want to be a tech ambassador.

 Obviously I’m not going to know everything, I’m still a student, but I have the skills to articulate it to you

in a way you will understand and be able relate to relate to.

2) I’ve always had a desire to learn to code but had this idea ( I wonder why??? ) only super

smart nerds did it.  As much as a miss my job some days and want to go back I know I wouldn’t be

happy there forever.  I would always be wondering if I’m making the most of my existence when I have

the potential to do so much more with it. Learning to code has helped me to appreciate the talents I

naturally have and realize how valuable they will be in my future profession. It also helps me to know

that I’m doing all I can to make the most out of my life this planet.

3)  I’ve always admired technical people and have always secretly wanted to be one of

them.  Who doesn’t want to secretly be a hacker?  Enough said.

4) I want to be an example and pioneer for those individuals who don’t fit the highly

educated technical mold.  I want to prove to the world that anyone who strives to  can learn to code

and be successful. In my opinion as well as others ( Katrina Owens, look her up ) Learning to code is a

skill that can be learned.  You don’t have to have an innate ability to do it

These reason are what keep me going.  They help me to remember that I’m not just doing it to have a

sweet job and make a sick money. I’m doing it because I believe I can make a difference with these skills

and live a truly authentic life.


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