A few months ago the company I was working for decided to change hosting providers and try out Flywheel.  I had heard about Flywheel through various podcasts but hadn’t really looked into them so I was excited to jump on board and give them a try. I liked their service so much that I decided to check out out their job boards and saw they were looking for their version of a Customer Happiness Engineer.  I went ahead and applied and was contacted within a few days to connect with a hiring recruiter over Zoom.  The discussion I had with the recruiter was roughly an hour and it was your general run-of-the-mill vetting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the next round but overall my experience was positive.

Tiny Plan:

5,000 monthly visitors
5GB Space
250 GB Bandwidth
Free SSL certificate

Things I like:

  1. One of the first cool things about Flywheel is they will migrate your website(s) for free!  Yes for free.
  2. SFTP access:
    Server:  sftp.flywheelsites.com
    username:  same un used to login Flywheel
    password: same pw used to login to Flywheel
  3. Privacy mode
    Visitors and search engines are not able to see any content.
  4. Stats ( yes, analytics on your site )
    I think this a cool feature but I’m not sure how accurate it is.   My stats on Flywheel are always higher than on Google Analytics.
  5. Free SSL with the $15/month plan.
    Yes, I understand that $15 is kinda on the higher side when it comes to hosting, this was a concern I had myself but when you calculate out purchasing an SSL certificate from a less expensive host it kind of ends up being sixes.  However, from a service perspective, you really don’t have to do much to get it working, unlike other hosts.  Also, come July Google will be punishing demoting websites if they don’t have SSL so you might as well get on the bandwagon.  It’s a win for you as well as your customers.
  6.  CDN access ( however it is an additional $10/month )
  7. Daily backups ( yes daily )
  8. Advanced Options include:
    –  Flush cache
    –  Development Mode
    –  Enable WP_Debug Mode
    –  Force HTTPS Mode ( if you end up getting SSL this will most likely need to be turned on )
  9.  Staging Sites ( additional costs ) pushing and pulling from staging to the production server is super slick
  10.  Access to WP-Admin from the dashboard
  11.  Responsive customer support
  12. Local by Flywheel
  13.  White label services & affiliate marketing
    This means that as an agency or freelancer you can resell hosting services to your clients.
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