Where did my comments go?


Have you ever been working on a blog post and all of a sudden the comments section has disappeared on

you or is only showing up on some blog posts and not others?  If you find yourself in this situation the solution is pretty


                            1.  Look at the top of your post screen.  You should see something like this:

                                                                              Screen Options


   You may have seen the ‘Screen Options’ section before if not, here it is.  Screen Options allow you  to enable/disable

  multiple content features on your posts as well as pages. In our case, comments.  Once  you open the drop down menu

  you might see something like this:


Screen Option Drop Down



2. If  you are like me you are probably looking for the  “Comments” box to check.  You aren’t going to

find it.  What you need to look for is the “Discussion” box instead and make sure you check mark that

option. Now that it is checked you can close the drop down box on ‘Screen Options‘.


3.  Scroll down the Post until you see the  ‘Discussion’ box appear:


Comment Box


This box has two options.  The first option if checked will allow others to make comments on your post. If

you want users to be able to make comments on your posts then definitely make sure it is checked. If you

don’t want them to make comments, uncheck the box.


4.  Make sure to Update/Save Draft/Publish your page and you will be all set.  When you preview you the

Post you should now see this:


Comments Section


Your comment section might look a little different from mine and that is ok.  The main idea here is that

your users now have access to comment on your blog post and leave whatever feedback they desire.



Thank you 🙂 I hope this helps!


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