Coding Campus :  END OF WEEK

-Day 9-

Thursday was more of the same.  We spent time working on our project as well as diving deep into templating.  Django has what is called a templating language.  This language is to be used in conjunction with the HTML pages you create.  What it does is allow you to pull information from say your “” into a regular HTML formatted page.  It also allows you to load static files like CSS and Bootstrap as well as your base.html page. Its really not that tricky to do.  Basically if you want to incorporate a variable you would type this {{ variable }}.  If you want to make comments you and for loops you do this: {%comment %} stuff in between {% endcomment %}; {% for this in that %}what you are looping through {% endfor %}. 

 By the end of the day I was pretty worn out.  Went to bed earlier than normal 🙂

-Day 10-

I’ve officially been in @ Coding Campus for two weeks now.  Only ten more weeks to go!  I can’t believe how fast the second week went.

Today we continued working on our first Django  project.  I finally got to a point the in the project where I had all my views and urls organized and grouped in a clear readable way.  It’s made the project a little bit easier to deal with. I’m to the point know where my html pages are linking together with one another and showing information to the user.  That’s been the fun part. Seeing it all come together.  I’m still struggling with the concept of for for Loops and how they connect to the context variable in the  I can tell you what the for loop does when it’s already there and what information it’s looking for but when I go to do it on my own or make changes to my project, it is still obvious I’m not sure on what I’m doing based on the results I’m getting in my browser. That’s the frustrating part.  I feel like I keep beating my head against the wall over and over again. On the bright side I’ve noticed this week that my abilities to fix errors has improved greatly  That has been confidence builder for me.

Besides the project we were working on, our teacher showed us how to do injection tests which are little hacker moves that you can use to exploit someone else’s website or to test your own to make sure it is secure. I didn’t get to try it on my own due to the fact I was really focusing on my project but it looked like a fun thing to try later.  Later in the day we had a presentation on GIT (  a version control system ). Honestly I didn’t pay attention because I’m already familiar with Git and Github.  I’m able to clone other’s projects and submit my own to Github, so I feel competent in that area.

Monday will be here sooner than you think…Until then…..


( Oct 10th, 2015 )


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