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~ My Class Members: ~


    I’m really excited about how our class is coming together.  We are gellin like felons.  Its great.  I get to ride the train everyday and discuss our class with a cool dude from Virginia who is 23 and graduated with an Economics degree. Our TA also rides the train with us too. My class buddy is a happily married 40 year old who has been working in the automotive industry and was once an EMT ( we totally have the healthcare connection ).  The two smarties of the class are a guy and girl.  Coincidently they are the youngest in the class. The guy is, a 20 year old returned missionary who has a talent for computer science and the girl is an 18 year old who just graduated from high school ( wooooa!!! I know right ).  That leaves us with the the former Physics teacher with a degree in electrical engineering who is making a career pivot. Last but not least the musician who graduated with a music degree and is pursuing development to make a good chunk of change to help support his new family.  He has a one year old daughter named Mae.  So we are definitely a class of various backgrounds and experiences.  I’ve gotten to know each one and I’m happy that we are all in this together.  I think we will be a great team.

~ Class ~

    So we’ve been working on a project ( as you know ) called “Django States” and today we learned about templating and attempted to implementing our new understanding into this project.  Templating is where you work on the HTML/CSS aspect of the app as well as incorporate the database you are working from. The first half of class was another frustrating experience. I really felt like I wanted to quit.  The feeling only lasted for about half an hour and subsided when I realized that if I went home I would still be motivated to work on development projects of my own. That helped snap me out of it. As far as the teaching goes I’m a little frustrated with the teaching style.  It’s fast paced and I feel like we are expected code as fast as our teacher which is impossible because he’s a PRO and we are mere guppies in the ocean that is development. So far it has been a nightmare trying to follow along.  Luckily Coding Campus really cares about their students and asks for lots of feedback on what they can do to make our experience as students better.  Everyday after class we have a survey that we are required to fill out to document our experience for the day.


That’s it for today…..until tomorrow!


( Oct 8th, 2015 )



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