I learned a very valuable lesson today. DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT update your Mac with the new os update. I made that mistake last night. After quiet deliberation in a moment of rebellion I decided to go for it and download El Capitan. What consequences would there be? Surley the folks at Apple would have a developers back since we have all invested in macs. WRONG! I got to class and started typing away on my terminal only to realize, I couldn’t configure the database for my new project. Uh OH! Prior to that I had spent the greater part of the morning struggling to even get my project going.

These are the steps you have to take before you can even start coding. Honestly, you would think the process would be a lot faster. Its not.


  1. mkproject project_name ( set’s up your virtual enivironment unless you updated El Capitan )
    • pip install django
    • pip install msql-python
    • pip install pillow ( Have no idea what ‘pillow’ is )
  2. django-admin startproject projectname . ( the dot is debatable)
  3. mv project project2
  4. ./manage.py startapp main
  5. mv * ..
  6. rm project2
  7. Make static and media files
  8. Configure Settings.py
  • Update your DATABASES dictionary
  • Add new application to INSTALLED APPS dictionary
  • Tell Django where it can find your static and media files

9. Add the special path to URLSL.py

Now you can finally start your project……


The teacher spent a considerable amount of time fixing my macbook pro. It sucked! It took me forever to get the database configured for the new project we are working on. I was extremely frustrated. Frustrated to the point of tears. We spent the rest of class working on the project and I ended up spending most of the time debugging. Today was not my favorite day. I also realized that joining the tech field as a “normal” non-techie person is going to be more challenging than I had thought. But that’s a rant for another day.

Thank the gods that be that tomorrow is another day!



( Oct 5th, 2015 )

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