In celebration of my 35th birthday falling on Thanksgiving here are 35 things I’ve been thankful for 2019 -2020


  1. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work for a big tech company. In the end, it wasn’t for me but I’m glad I got the opportunity to try it out.
  2. I’m grateful that I was able to land a remote gig with a well known WordPress company. I’ve enjoyed the job and have been treated very well.
  3. I’m grateful that Cheryl Montgomery gave me an in on some freelancing jobs this year. It was a great opportunity that I’m very thankful for.
  4. Working from home
  5. I’m grateful for the 16 inch MacBook Pro my work supplied for me
  6. I’m grateful for all the baby gear my work got for me.
  7. I’m grateful for maternity leave. It’s by no means a vacation but a must needed breather to adjust to a new life as a parent
  8. I’m grateful for Twitter and the connections I’ve been able to make with WordPress people around the globe
  9. Pregnancy & Birth

  10. I’m grateful that Alex and I were able to get pregnant pretty quickly. I thought it would take us six months or so…..nope 🙂
  11. I’m grateful my pregnancy with Sloane was relatively easy. I didn’t suffer from morning sickness, my feet didn’t grow in size, and I didn’t have to be on bed rest.
  12. I’m grateful I didn’t have gestational diabetes.
  13. I’m grateful for Dr. Jones. She was amazing.
  14. I’m grateful Sloane was able to breastfeed right from the start without any issues. The hardest part was waiting for my milk to come in
  15. The silver lining to Sloane being little jaundice and requiring antibiotics is that we had to stay in the hospital a few extra days which gave us the opportunity to have someone else watch Sloane.
  16. Kim and Dana, nurses at Alta View Hosptial
  17. I’m grateful for Alex for being my doula.
  18. Friends & Family

  19. I’m grateful for having good friends like Elisabeth Frost, Lindsay B, Helly Sotelo that I’ve been able to keep in touch with during the pandemic.
  20. A big thank you to Sharon Wheatley, Sarah Wheatley, and Jeannie Hansen for putting on my baby shower. Without you, there would not have been one. Seriously 🙂
  21. Big thanks to my brother-in-laws Isaac Hansen & Atticus Hansen for helping Alex Hansen put in the paved walkway in our backyard as well as cleaning out our rain gutters!
  22. I’m grateful for Ashton and Brook putting together Sloane’s nursery. Without them, we would have a boring no-frills, no mobile, no stain-glass room.
  23. I’m grateful for all the yard work Stanley Wheatley did for this year. Mowing the lawn & pruning the bushes helped us keep our little house up!
  24. I’m grateful for our renters! Jennifer Cook, Carter & Jessica. They have made the landlord life so easy. Thank you, Jessica, for taking out Quinn when she was a puppy. Thank you, Jennifer, Jessica & Carter for shoveling our walks while I was pregnant. Thank you to Carter for helping us with the paver project. Without you, it wouldn’t have
  25. I’m grateful for Country and Daylnn. They have helped me feel apart of our ward during COVID
  26. I’m grateful for Julie my Relief Society President for checking up on us and sending us a delicious meal.
  27. I’m grateful for everyone who made us meals or brought us food. It’s literally the best thing you can do 🙂
  28. Best part of the pandemic is having Alex home with me every day. Yes, we wish we had breaks and space but overall I’ve liked having him around
  29. I’m grateful for our Banbury Cross Angels
  30. I’m thankful that I have so many great people in my life that love and support me in all the ways I need.
  31. Fun & Random

  32. I’m grateful Alex and I decided to go big and buy the Locals Pass for the Sundance Film Festival. One of the best parts was not having to rush to the theaters and wait in line. If you have the means…I highly highly recommend it.
  33. The best part of the pandemic for me has been ordering things off Amazon, click & pick for the grocery store, and having Alex Hansen be my errand runner 🙂
  34. iPhone 11 Pro. It’s been awesome to have a bigger screen, better camera, and faster phone
  35. Quinn officially becoming potty trained. She can even close the door when she comes back in 😉
  36. Grateful for HSA bucks
  37. I’m grateful that Alex and I are in a position where he can try his hand at Real Estate full-time
  38. I’m grateful for the Netflix show Big Mouth. Finally, the validation and understanding of what it was like to go through puberty 😉
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