Coding:  Where should I begin???


    There are many different resources at your disposal when you are learning to code for the first time and it can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know.  I fell into the endless rabbit hole of online resources, books, and YouTube videos. In my opinion the hardest part of becoming a novice coder is trying to decide what language to start with. I originally thought on starting with Java or Python ( very ambitious of me I think ). After doing some research I found out that Python is much easier to learn which makes it very popular and marketable. So with that, I decided Python would be the most practical choice.

   After a while I realized Python wasn’t working for me. I wanted something I could get up and running and actually see the end result of my creation. Up until this point I had been reading books and working on Codecademy following along with the Python course. I was getting frustrated with the material ( when you start learning about “loops” you will know what I’m talking about )and wanted to see what other courses were available. I saw HTML & CSS and remember I learned a little bit in high school so I decided  I would give it a try and take a break from Python.

   I’ve been hooked ever since. Finally, after a month of going back and forth, I finally figured out where I wanted to focus most of my attention….Web Development. I’ve been coding for almost three months and would like to offer a few suggestions to get you off on the right foot:

  • Pick a language that you can start creating with right away. In my opinion, HTML & CSS are the obvious choice to get you started, if you have little to no experience.
  • Develop a learning plan. I recommend starting with these websites:
  • Create!!!! ( Start a blog on Tumblr to hone your skills )

This should get you started on your journey. More tips to come as my journey continues….

( Mar 5th, 2015 )


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