Coding Campus:  Day 2



  Day two has been a discouraging day. We learned how to set up our first Django app. I honestly thought it would be a breeze because I had read through and completed the Django tutorial as well as part of the Django Girls Tutorial. I was able to get through them with very little help. In fact, I was proud of myself for being able to do it. I guess I was a little overconfident.   It’s like being able to see top of the summit when you start out on a hike. From your perspective it doesn’t seem that far a way. “You can do it”, you think.“How hard can it be.” That is exactly what happened to me today. I read the “trail guide” and had a general idea of what do to, but had yet ventured into actual technical territory. I know I’m smart but am I smart enough to be a developer? I don’t know. Do I have the right personality? That’s a good question.These were the two big questions that kept running through my mind during class while I struggled to keep up. I wasn’t struggling to understand. I was struggling because I kept getting “terminal”( command line ) issues every time we would install something new. It was very frustrating. I was almost ready to leave class and take a walk( I know real dramatic right?). But then, I realized I’m the one who usually experiences all of these “technical bugs” Teachers and co-workers will see things they’ve never seen before because of me. At the time it really sucks, but then I become a master at fixing these bugs. Remembering this helped me to calm down and focus. .   Tomorrow is another day…until then….  

( Sep 29th, 2015 )


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